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Znitsarn Znitsarn1 day ago
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New server: RPG (teaser trailer and info)

Welcome to a passion project of mine /Fred

Very simple teaser video

What will this RPG server...

MrScottJones MrScottJones28 days ago
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Survival Season 2: Patch #4.1


  • Tab colours and formatting. We've changed some of the colouring and formatting on the tab list to make it more inviting.
  • Mob spawning balance. We have refined the amount of mobs that spawn to further increase passive spawning.
  • Town spawnYou can no longer teleport to other people's towns.
  • Resource pack. The resource pack has been optimised to be a significantly smaller download size. <...
Znitsarn Znitsarnabout 1 month ago
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Survival Season 2: Patch #4

Magic Items - A preview of something big to come

  • Magic Ingot. Craft this and many more items at the "Magic Specialist" in /spawn

  • Magic Greatsword. A sword that does 10 dmg (20% more dmg then a Netherite Sword) + has a special ability when you rightclick. It does a hit all around you for 15 dmg + does a pushback.
MrScottJones MrScottJonesabout 1 month ago
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Survival Season 2: Patch #3

List of changes

  • Graves are back! However, they actually work now. The grave will appear when you die, and should not disappear if you leave. To claim your stuff, just right click! You can also do /dt restore to pay 1000 coins to return your items immediately.
  • Quick Travel.
MrScottJones MrScottJonesabout 1 month ago
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Survival Season 2: Patch #2

Silk Touch and mob spawners

We have added the ability to pick up spawner blocks, and place them back again with silk touch! The only catch? It'll only work on GOLD pickaxes with silk touch; inkeeping with the theme of 1.16




The grace period has ended. You can no...