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1.15.2 Update

With bees had to come change. Change you wouldn't beelieve...


This post is a basic outline of what has been changed!


  • A new world - to allow the bees to live peacefully of course.
  • A completed spawn, full of stuff to discover! 😉
  • The shops have arrived! Buy and sell your goods to the server at anytime! Available by walking left from spawn or doing /warp marketplace
  • Gravestones - to retrieve your items from a grave you have to crouch over the grave. Sometimes you may need to jump and crouch at the same time!
  • The player will emit blood particles when hit.
  • Chat brawl competitons for small rewards.
    • Fastest typer - who can type the phrase shown the fastest.
    • Mob hunting
    • Block hunting
    • Fishing competitions
  • Turn that useless zombie flesh into leather by smelting it in a furnace!
  • Placing any type of button whilst crouching will create a doorbell, which dings when you punch it 😄


What's coming next...

I'm not going to 100% spoil it, but the next one is gonna be a whopper! Offering more in-game events to keep you hooked, more PvP mechanics, better dominion over your bee empire, a new look at crafting and more!


You'll be able to follow along with these changes in our new devlog, which we'll soon start posting to. Available via the forums.



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