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QoL update #1
Started by MrScottJones

Quality of Life Update #1

What is a quality of life update?

A quality of life update is a small update which its only purpose is to improve your gameplay by changing small things.


- Removed heat stroke effect, you will no longer become dizzy when taking fire damage.

- Removed frostbite effect, you will no longer become dizzy when hurting in an ice biome.

- You will no longer hurt your hand when punching stone.

- You will no longer recieve negative potion effects when hungry.

- You will now recieve crate keys for chat brawls rather than $10. You'll recieve 1 key for the quickest typer game, 2 keys for quiz (new), 3 keys for mob hunt, fish race, craft race and block hunt.

- New quiz mode for chat brawl. The feature will ask for the answer to a question and the first person to answer correctly wins!

- There are now hidden treasure chests in spawn, they look like yellow shulker boxes!

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