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Teleportation and 1.16 update
Started by MrScottJones

There has been a lot of confusion regarding our decision to remove access to certain teleport commands and how this will affect you. This post aims to make clear what our plans are.


When will TP be removed?

The current plan is to make this change when 1.16 is released. When that is we're unsure, as Mojang has not given us this information yet.

It would be reasonable to give you the advice to prepare for this change now however.


Why are you removing TP?

We've made the decision that the server could be more communal than it currently is. At the moment anybody can TP to one-another. With this change, we're promoting the empowerment of the TMM community. How? By removing TP, it encourages you to build towns closer, create infrastructure links with each other, collaborating in making towns and collaborating in these infrastructure projects. It also makes horses a more valuable asset.


What is replacing it and what do you mean by "infrastructure"?

We have started to test multiple ideas to replace this function. Soon you may see the team introduce the following features:

Vehicles - You'll be able to travel via cars, motorbikes, trains, and perhaps planes! These would be custom craftable, or a prize of crates.

Teleport Runes - A craftable alternative to /tpa. Using meteorite chunks, you'll be able to craft runes which you would save a location into by clicking the block you'd want to teleport to. From there, you can use that rune in recipes to create teleport blocks; which are a similar to a portal, and you'll be able to click it to teleport you and close-by entities, teleport potions; as a quick escape. Also available in tipped arrow, splash potion and lingering potion form.


Now, infrastructure. What do I mean by this? I mean physical connections to eachother. They can include:

Roads - A connecting road to drive cars or ride horses across.

Railways - Similar to roads, for minecarts or trains.

Ice roads - Travel fast with ice and boats.

Nether hubs - Combine one of the above methods with the nether (in 1.16) for super fast travel.


What about /t spawn?

We have decided to keep /t spawn available to you. However, you will be charged for each time you teleport to a town you don't belong to. The amount we will charge is still being decided, but we aim to make it so that it's more worthwhile to create a permanent link.

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