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Started by Appa_alla_axis


It's me Appa 

Yes yes I've heard it before, so I'll just mention it my self.

Appa yip yip 


I'm from little Belgium tucked away in between Germany, France and the Netherlands. Mostly known for his Luikse Waffles, Brussel sprouds and the 2 most important things: Beer and Chocolate. 

I'm Builder and love to create new builds and decorate insides. If you ever need an opinion on your build or you're just stuck, just give me a call and I'll try to help the best way I can. 

I've been on TMM since 2014 and jumped in and out of staff do to some inconveniences. Yet I'm still proud to say that TMM is the only server that I dedicated myself too. 


Things to know about me:

Currently studying Graphic and Digital Media in Antwerp college.

Really loves music and plays the Euphonium and Si b Bass. I play in an orchestra and I'm also the chairman of the youth in that orchestra. We practice on Wednesday and Friday so you won't see me online on those days. 

Really creative, I like to think out of the box and always open for a challenging new idea. 

Plays airsoft, so I know how to handle some big guns.


Why do I play MC:

I just love the freedom and most of all the players. 

I've seen tons of players come and go but I always have the best times just goofing around and role playing. 

You guys are the MVP in this game. 

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