Oldest Minecraft Server

Welcome to one of the oldest minecraft server out there, TMM has been active since 2010 and provided a wide range of free to play survival servers. During the years we have had minigames, rpg and build servers, but the one server that has always been up and running is the oldest survival server.

Multiplayer was released 2010 and not many servers are still around since that time, the oldest servers from back then are us, Crazy, 2b2t, Minr, MConline and Nerd.

We're a tight community that has stuck around for 10 years and we always welcome new players to come play with us.

Youtuber server history

We've done a lot of videos on our own through the TMM channel, we've also had a lot of youtubers help out with players and ideas. People such as:

Play on one of the oldest minecraft servers

If you want to play with us you can connect to the IP at the top of the website (mc.tmmgaming.com)

View our dynamic map by clicking here.