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Hello, I'm Adjrenaline (or Adj for short), and I am French and American . I have been a Moderator on TMM since 2016, and have been a member of the server since a few years before then. I have made many great friends through TMM, and I hope to make even more in the future!   I love computers and programming, and I will soon be studying Computer Science at university (but please don't treat me like a tech help-desk, thanks). I also like trains, and will do anything to integrate some form of railroad in my towns. Most obviously, I enjoy playing video games, with Minecraft being one of my favorites.   Obviously I love Minecraft as a whole, but my favorite part is being able to play with a great community of people on TMM. I thoroughly enjoy being a Moderator, as I can have fun playing the game and help solve other players' problems. You may also find some enjoyment in watching Scott smite me from time to time (I swear it's totally not my fault! ).   Overall, I hope that you enjoy yourself on TMM!
5 months ago