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Hiya, I'm LongShot I come from the North East of England so you know I'm an absolute U N I T irl Im one of the newest Builders for TMM and in the short time I've been on this server it's never ceased to be fun. I've been playing Minecraft since 2013 and I immediately fell in love with building, this game is such a perfect creative outlet for design and community and TMM has done large parts to keep my love for this game burning I'm one of the newest members of the TMM staff, having only taken up the role of Builder in late 2019 and in the short time I've been on, the community and people on here are great    Random info : In my freetime I tend to just play games, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Minecraft etc, however away from my PC I also spend a lot of time drawing, its a side hobby I'm looking to persue. I'm also an absolute nerd and love rocket engineering and launches  I hope your stay on TMM is as enjoyable as mine was and continues to be!
5 months ago