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Quality of Life Update #1 What is a quality of life update? A quality of life update is a small update which its only purpose is to improve your gameplay by changing small things.   - Removed heat stroke effect, you will no longer become dizzy when taking fire damage. - Removed frostbite effect, you will no longer become dizzy when hurting in an ice biome. - You will no longer hurt your hand when punching stone. - You will no longer recieve negative potion effects when hungry. - You will now recieve crate keys for chat brawls rather than $10. You'll recieve 1 key for the quickest typer game, 2 keys for quiz (new), 3 keys for mob hunt, fish race, craft race and block hunt. - New quiz mode for chat brawl. The feature will ask for the answer to a question and the first person to answer correctly wins! - There are now hidden treasure chests in spawn, they look like yellow shulker boxes!
3 days ago

Hi Vinny, Unfortunately, we're unable to compensate for any loses from the banks being broken. Due to the longevity of the issue, corruptions happened every day of use. As you can imagine, this would make compensating a massively difficult process; that and the inability to see accurate data that was stored makes it impossible for staff to verify.   We did issue a warning on Discord for people to remove things from their banks beforehand too.   Sorry for the inconvenience.
6 days ago

Towny x Dynmap It is now possible to interact with towns and nations through Dynmap.   Towns will now appear as a blue boundary on dynmap. Clicking these boundaries will display more information, such as members, name, nation, flags.   Enjoy!
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Adjrenaline:Emptiness No! Try again
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Beehive Upgrades Beehives are fun, but after a short while, the fun expires. With this feature, beehives become more of a journey rather than an objective. So, how do you start on this journey? First you must create a level up token. You can do that with this recipe: Simply right click this token onto any beehive (doesn't work for natural spawning nests), and you'll begin the journey into the beehood.   What are the benefits of upgrading beehives?
11 days ago