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Hey hey, I am Ybieee! I'm 22 years old I'm from a small country called Belgium, which you've probably never heard of! I'm one of the newest moderators on the staff team, and I have to say I'm having the time of my life on TMM. I get the chance to help people but also to get to know new and fun people! I'm a real minecraft OG because I've been playing since 2012 (epic boomer time) I've started playing on TMM since the end of 2019, and I have to say. I'm so happy to be able to contribute my help on this server!   In my spare time I play of course minecraft, but also other games like Sea of thieves, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, Rainbow Six... I am also a graphic designer, and I love to think up solutions that I can then graphically realize for my clients! I also like to go for a drink with my friends, or we do a gamenight, really fun! :)    Enjoy your stay on TMM! 😊  
19 days ago