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Treasure Hunt A new game where everyone can take part & win big. What is treasure hunt? Treasure hunt is a new game we have created, you will have to follow the clues we give you on the forum to lead you to ingame locations. How do i take part? You will need to be logged into the fourms to view the clues thread. Clues can be found in the form of riddles, coordinates and pictures. These clues will lead you to an ingame location where you can find a single coordinate (E.g. X:-553). You will need to wait for the next clue on the forum to get the next coordinates.  What prizes can i find? The possibilities are endless. you could find anything from a hidden chest, to a custom built dungeon or even an ore rich chunk. When are the clues posted? The clues can be posted on any day at anytime . Keep logging in to check the clues thread to make sure you don't miss out!!  
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Hi my name is Dingo, im currently an admin on the server. I am 22 and from the UK .  I have played on TMM on and off since 2012 and I was first made a staff member in 2014. I then disappeared for a couple of years before returning in 2019 to be part of the latest revival. What made me come back? Well to me there is no other server like it, maybe its a sense of familiarity. I would call myself more of a casual gamer but i will always have time for Minecraft. my other love is for cars i'm a petrolhead at heart. 
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